Caldo broth
comforts & nourishes
more than anything

Generation upon generation,
cultures across the globe

Bone broth
made with
love and care.

Ancient wisdom
in a mug.

bone broth
can do you good!

healthy skin, hair and nails / fights colds and infections / builds a healthy gut / encourages relaxation / promotes healthy bones / supports natural detoxing / reduces joint pain and inflammation / encourages speedy recovery and hydrates.

broth to you

The healing effects of the nutrients in a well-made, long-simmered bone broth are great. When you sip it regularly, you may notice improvements both internally and extarnally.

Caldo broth
as an alternative
to coffee.

A more nutritious,
less sleep-disrupting
afternoon alternative.


A delicious mugful or two,
midmorning and afternoon.
So it becomes a habitual part
of your daily diet.

Chicken broth

kippenbouillon − 720 ml
ingredienten : biologische kip / wortel / prei / look / citroengras / gember / peterselie / zeezout

Beef broth

runderbouillon − 720 ml
ingredienten : biologisch gekweekt rund / prei / wortels / pastinaak / look / tijm / laurierblad  / salie / rozemarijn / oregano / lavas / zeezout / appelazijn